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This bulletin board is for Chandler and Thomas family anecdotes. The idea here is that for those of us who are interested in family genealogy, knowing the names of dates of relatives is cool, but it is the stories about those people that bring them alive.

With a bulletin board where everybody can read and post, we can share a unique fact or story.

If you want to post a story about somebody, and the forum for that person does not yet exist, just post the story in the next higher forum. We'll create the new forum and move the post for you. Or you can contact us first and we will set it up.

Every family member will have a different experience and memory. Please be respectful of their experience and the willingness to share it. If you have cautious feelings about a particular person either living or deceased, just let someone else post for that person.

As the format of this site is evolving, please let us know about your navigation. Try a post. If you only have a tiny amout of time, just leave a short note. As your week passes the idea will gel and because you were the creator of the post, you can edit and save as often as you like.

This site was created by my brother,Charles L Chandler, after I decided to dedicate my site for this purpose. I am learning how to take over the administration. Roger M Chandler Jr.
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