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Posting New Topic Hints

PostPosted: 2009-03-25 14:50:07
by Roger Chandler
1. For short compositions, using Preview can be helpful.

2. For longer entries, use Submit after the first sentence and then complete the post as editing. Composing a wonderful long story only to find yourself timed out is disheartening. You can go back and forth between Edit and Submit as many times as you like. Play it safe, Submit early and often. "Don't ask me how I know".

3. You can come back to your submitted story at a later date as often as you like to edit or add.

4. To use the items in the tool bar such as: bold, click on the B tab. Two b with bracket symbols will appear. Type what you want to be bold between the two symbols. The b symbols will not be a part of your text. Example: First - [b ] [b ], Second- [b ] I want this to be bold [b ], Third- What you will see is I want this to be bold

5. I you find a part of navigating this site needs adjusting or polishing, you are encouraged to let me know. Charles took my idea and made it a reality. Yea Charles! I am working into taking over the management. Only users can give us the true test. Easy to post and easy to see posts makes sites used. Thanks in advance. Chip, (Roger Jr.)

6. Please be very careful if mentioning living relatives. Those deseased are more open game. We especially know good and interesting things about the generation or two before us that we will probably not mention to out kids unless we write them down. This is one format to do just that.

7. While there are things about past generations that should never be written down, some border line details about the past are helpful for us and those after us to understand who we are.