The cardboard box


The cardboard box

Postby Charles Chandler » 2009-01-04 19:33:40

Once, Melanie's family came to visit the Chandlers at their house in Ridge, MD. At one point during the visit, the Chandler boys decided to show Melanie one of their favorite past-times. This involved a cardboard box and a steep stairway. The boys had figured out that they could get into the box at the top of the stairway, and then ride in the box down the stairs, and that this was probably the most exciting thing that could ever happen in Ridge, MD. Generously, they let Melanie share in the exhilaration.

Apparently, the Thomas kids had yet to discover how much fun this can be, and Melanie was just slightly terrified by the whole thing. Well, actually she was Really Terrified. Years later, she was overheard telling the story as if the Chandler boys were trying to be cruel, which is so not true. Melanie said that she was bored, and boredom is a terrible thing, so the Chandler boys made it more exciting. That's all it was.

So don't feel bad, Melanie. Once they put me into the washing machine because they said that I needed a bath. It was all really funny until they turned it on, and didn't realize that the water temperature was set to "hot." They thought that I was freaking out just because I was scared of getting agitated to death, and thinking that this was a trivial fear, they laughed even harder. The screaming was actually an artifact of me getting scalded with hot water. When they realized this, they shut it off and pulled me out, but they didn't stop laughing until some time later.
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