The bicycle speedometer

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The bicycle speedometer

Postby Charles Chandler » 2008-12-28 00:08:36

One Christmas, I got a speedometer for my bicycle. I was so excited that I almost nagged Dad to an act of violence before he finally got it installed and working properly. Then, of course, the time came for me to check it out. So off I went, rapidly accelerating to over 10 miles per hour. I didn't know what "miles per hour" were, but I knew that they were for big people, and occasionally for really big boys like me. I was so intent on watching the speedometer that I failed to observe the bend in the driveway, right at the point where if you don't turn, you run smack into a telephone pole. I remember that I reached 11.5 miles per hour, but I don't actually remember hitting the telephone pole. I just remember waking up on the ground, next to a bicycle with a bent handle-bar and a broken speedometer, with lots of people standing around, laughing at me. But it was worth it. Any lack of focus on my part, and I never would have broken the land-speed-boy-telephone-pole record.
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