Fixing Stairs with Upper/Lower Component Problems

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In VectorWorks 12.0.1 ~ 2008 (SP1) there are problems with Stairs that have been duplicated, if you're using the "Overall Height - By Layer Elevations" feature. This creates two different components of the Stair object: one on the lower floor and one on the upper floor. Since at least a portion of the staircase has to appear in the plan views of both floors, having this dual representation of the same staircase is logical and convenient. Unfortunately, a bug in the software would manifest itself if an existing Stair object was copied and pasted back into the drawing. While the lower and upper components of the same staircase are supposed to be associated with each other, copying a Stair object would result in the lower and upper components of different staircases becoming associated, creating all kinds of problems.

Here is a document script that can be run to fix a drawing in which this has happened.

To use:

  • Save the zip file to your desktop and uncompress.
  • In VW, click Tools -> Scripts -> Run VectorScript.
  • In the dialog box that appears, select the “Fix Stair Associations.vss” file on your desktop. It will remove all of the hidden associations from the existing Stair objects, and it will delete all of the “upper” stairs. It will also set the “Overall Height” of all of the “lower” stairs to “Specify.”
  • Go to the “lower” floors, select the stair objects, click the “Settings” button, and set the “Overall Height” back to “By Layer Elevations.”
  • Now you should be able to edit, move, or delete the existing and new Stair objects without problems.

Charles 20:04, 4 May 2008 (EDT)

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