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VectorWiki is a wiki, just like Wikipedia and many other editable sites on the web today. This is rapidly becoming the standard technology for community-maintained sites.


Editing VectorWiki

Editing a wiki is easy. Just click the nearest "edit" link, and give it a try! Here are some pointers to help you get started:

  • Create an account if you haven't done so already. Sorry for the inconvenience of this, but requiring a login prevents spam bots from trashing the site. Be sure to check the box that says "remember my login on this computer" when creating the account, and you will get logged in automatically in future visits.
  • Choose the "edit" link that is the closest to what you want to edit. This limits the scope to just what you need to see.
  • When in doubt, don't use any formatting of any kind — just type straight text into the edit box. Somebody else can always come back and apply formatting later.
  • If you know HTML syntax, it will generally work OK in a wiki. But try to use HTML sparingly. Too many differences in formatting make a site difficult to read.
  • If you want to use wiki syntax, just look for an example of what you want to do, edit the page, and copy whatever you need. Wiki syntax is a bit more terse than HTML, so it's easier to read in code form, but it is not as obvious as HTML, so pay close attention to the special characters.
  • To upload images, click the "Upload file" link in the toolbox at left. Then just follow the instructions.
  • To reference uploaded files in text, see Help:Images.
  • Always preview your changes before submitting them, to make sure things look OK.
  • Respect the work of others. You are encouraged to add, edit, and delete wherever appropriate in this wiki, but don't do it carelessly.
  • Always leave VectorWiki better than you found it.
  • For more information on editing wikis in general, see the Wikipedia article.

How to Add a Hatch, Symbol, or Texture Library, or a Plug-in File

There is a standard format you can use to add a downloadable item to VectorWiki. Here are instructions on how to use it.

  1. Copy the code in the code box below, and paste it into TextEdit or NotePad.
  2. Replace anything that starts with "my great" with your information. Leave everything else exactly as it is.
  3. itemImage
    1. For library files (hatches, symbols, textures), you can specify one of the default thumbnail images, depending on the VW version. The filenames are: VW08.png, VW09.png, VW10.png, VW11.png, VW12.png, and VW2008.png.
    2. For plug-ins, you can use one of the default images, depending on the plug-in type. The filenames are: Object.png, Tool.png, and Menu.png. You can also upload text files, and use the Text.png image.
    3. Using your own thumbnail image
      1. Supported formats include png, jpg, and gif.
      2. Click the "upload" link in the navbar at left.
      3. Browse your hard-drive for the image file you want to use.
      4. After selecting the file, check the destination filename in the dialog — it could be different from the filename that you selected. Whatever it is, the destination filename is what you need to specify in the code.
      5. If the image is less than 200 pixels wide, you can remove the  "|thumbnail|200px"  directives.
      6. If the image is greater than 200 pixels wide, but still displays OK at 200px, you can remove the  "|thumbnail"  directive. This will remove the automatic hyperlink to the full resolution image, which in this case, doesn't offer any advantage.
  4. itemAuthor
    1. Here you can simply type your name, or you can type 3 tildes (~~~), which will automatically display your VectorWiki username, and will also link to your user page. On your user page, you can list more information about you and/or your business. Then, in the future, you can go to your user page and click on the "What links here" item in the navbar to find all of the places where you entered your username. This will make it easier to maintain the information in the future.
  5. itemMoreInfo versus itemDownload
    1. If you're posting free stuff:
      1. Delete the MoreInfo line.
      2. Upload the file, in zip format. Same procedure as for uploading thumbnail images.
      3. Enter the destination filename (twice) on the Download line.
    2. If you're offering something for sale:
      1. Delete the Download line.
      2. Enter the link to your site on the MoreInfo line.
  6. Find the appropriate section for your item, and click the "edit" link for that section.
  7. Paste in your code, and click the "Show preview" button to see what it looks like.
  8. Fix any errors, and then click the "Save page" button.
==== My Great Item Name ====
{{itemImage}} [[Image:MyGreatImage.png|center|thumbnail|200px]]
{{itemPrice}} my great price
{{itemVersion}} my great version(s) supported
{{itemAuthor}} My Great Name
{{itemDescrip}} My great description.
{{itemDownload}} [[|]]

Here is how the code above looks after the page is saved:

My Great Item Name

price my great price
version my great version(s) supported
author My Great Name
description My great description.
more info

Displaying VectorScript with Syntax Highlighting

If you want to display some VectorScript on this wiki, enclose it within "vectorscript" tags, and it will get syntax highlighting, like this:

	{Returns TRUE if the platform is Macintosh.}
	major, minor, maintenance, platform :INTEGER;
	GetVersion(major, minor, maintenance, platform);
	IsMac := (platform = 1);

You can view the source of this page to see how exactly this is tagged for syntax highlighting.

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