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Textures in VectorWorks are 3D attributes that can be either image-based or procedural. If a site offers textures in an image file format, these can be imported into VectorWorks and used as textures.

The 2D equivalent of a texture in VectorWorks is an image fill. These are strictly image-based. Depending on your needs, existing texture libraries might work as 2D image fills, and VectorWorks allows you to convert textures to image fills for use in 2D.

Image props are 2D images that can be used in 3D contexts, especially where the 3D geometry that it would take to get the desired effect would be too expensive in terms of file size, rendering times, etc. The most common example of a great time to use an image prop is for 3D trees.

For information on how to add a texture library to this list, see Help:Contents.



price $42.00
version not specified
author Geiger Art - Design
description A family of 12 versatile skyscapes designed with a graduated horizon and neutral foreground for optimum integration into photorenderings. Size: 1800 x 1200 - 72 ppi (dpi). File formatted as PICT for Macintosh & JPEG for Windows. Compatible with any version of ArchiCAD or VectorWorks that has photorendering capabilities.
more info ObjectsOnline

Barry Marshall Textures

price (contact for more info)
version (not specified)
author Barry Marshall Designs LTD
description 35 custom textures.
more info barrymarshalldesign.com

Colours and Patterns

price free
version 12 and above
author Gerrit
description A display of the VW color palette using several different patterns each.
download Colours_Patterns.zip


price free
version any
author StoneCAD
description Free executable that generates textures.
more info stonecad.com

Stone Source Textures

price free
version any
author Stone Source
description Tons of jpg's of different types of stone, downloadable right off the website.
more info stonesource.com

Texture Libraries on Other Sites

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