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This page lists tips and tricks from a variety of sources. The individual articles are listed following the organizational scheme of the VW manual. If any of the existing items really aren't in the correct section, feel free to move them.


Individual Articles

Read-Me Info

Operating System and Hardware Information

Installing and Updating


Help System




Getting Started

Drawing Structure (see also Presenting VectorWorks Drawings)

SmartCursor and Constraints

Using VectorWorks Resources

Creating 2D Objects

Applying Object Attributes

Editing 2D Objects

Creating 3D Objects

Advanced 3D Modeling

Editing 3D Objects

Common Functions and Utilities

Viewing and Rendering

Dimensioning and Annotating

Creating Floors, Walls, and Roofs

Importing and Exporting Files (see also Design Series section)

Using Working Planes

Worksheets (see also Managing Project Information)

Using Scripts

Presenting VectorWorks Drawings (see also Drawing Structure)

Creating and Mapping Textures

Rendering with RenderWorks

Using the Workspace Editor

Standards and Resources

RenderWorks Shader Definitions

Design Series

Using Standards

Space Planning and Programming

Creating Architectural Drawings

Creating Architectural Elements

Adding MEP Information to the Design

Site Modeling

Modifying the Site Model

Planting and Irrigation Design

Lighting Positions and Labels

Creating and Editing Instruments

Adding Accessories and Objects

Paperwork and Schedules

Visualizing the Lighting Design

Annotation and Detailing


Machine Components



Welding and Surface Texture Symbols

Drafting and Design Aids

Drawing Notation

Managing Project Information (see also Worksheets)

Managing Drawing Graphics

Creating Drawing Views

Importing and Exporting Files (see also VectorWorks section)

Advanced Topics

Collections of Tips and Tricks on Other Sites

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