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If you are not logged in, no information on you is being tracked, except for the fact that your IP address will show up in the server logs, as is always the case with any web server. VectorWiki will never expose the server logs to anyone else for any reason. These are maintained simply to track usage on the site, for the purpose of better understanding the needs of the people visiting the site. No personal information except for the IP address appears in the server logs.

If you are logged in, and make edits, the only information that will ever be visible to other users is the username under which you made the edits.

VectorWiki will never expose the email addresses of registered users to anyone else, for any reason, under any circumstances, nor will VectorWiki ever send mailings to registered users for any reason. The email address is only used during the registration process, to ensure that the entity requesting registration is a real person, not a bot.

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