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This page is for listing stuff that you wish VectorWorks did, but does not currently do.

First, be sure to check out NNA's Wish List bulletin board. If you would like to discuss a wish, that's the place to do it. But if you'd like to express yourself in a more formal manner, here is a place for that. Here you can create and edit articles, and build on the ideas of others, rather than just commenting on them.

If you're a software developer, and you decide to take on one of these projects, add a bullet item saying that this is a work-in-progress feature (so other developers don't duplicate your effort).

If you're a user and you're interested in financing the development of one of these features, add a bullet item specifying how much money you'd be willing to put up. If enough people put up enough money, a developer will take on the task.

If you're an NNA manager, and somebody in your group is going to implement one of these features in a future release of VW, and a developer has taken on the task, please contact the developer and let him/her know of your intentions, to reduce duplication of effort. The developer can then leave the task marked as work-in-progress, so nobody else takes it on, but will probably opt to leave the implementation to NNA.


Proposed Features

Irrigation System

  • Given the following information:
    • PSI and GPM on the mainline,
    • user-drawn pipe circuit in plan view,
    • user-specified pipe size(s),
    • user-specified pipe elevation changes,
    • user-placed sprinkler heads,
  • Calculate the PSI and GPM at the sprinkler heads
  • The same technology could be used to design fire suppression systems for commercial buildings.
  • This project is currently being considered by Charles.

Flat Roof Object

  • ability to specify the location of low and high points
  • ability to specify the profile of the parapet walls, and for the object to then draw those walls (2D & 3D)

Layer Joiner

  • The correlary feature to Split Layers or Classes, to take VW layers and classes and to merge them into just layers, or just classes, with the layer numbers and class names joined together.
  • For preparing a drawing for export to a CAD application that only supports layers.


  • stormwater pipe sizing

HVAC Duct System

  • Automatically calculates CFM at diffusers based on air handler capacity and length/size of ducts and number of elbows
  • Respects damper settings
  • Air handler object with options for commonly available models
  • Diffusers detect space objects, and calculate change of air period given the volume of the space

Deck Object

  • Options for joist & decking
  • Detects walls and stairs along segments, and doesn’t draw handrails there


  • Import part programs, and preserve comments & codes
  • Export 3D polygons as G-Code, including embedded comments & codes
  • Pocketing
  • 3 axis milling
  • 5 axis milling
  • Ability to view & edit comments & codes
  • This project has been partially completed by Charles. See Software Customization Services for more info.

Electrical Circuit Object & Panel Schedule Object

  • Electrical Circuit Object will be a path object
  • Automatically generate/update the Panel Schedule Object when the Electrical Circuit Object regenerates
  • Electrical Circuit Object senses switches & outlets at vertices, and writes data into hidden record

Space Accessories Object

  • Floor molding, chair rail, crown molding
  • Electrical outlets spaced evenly around the walls
  • Finishes & materials
  • Built-in ceiling grid?
  • Overhead light option

Completed Projects

Font Mapper

Convert Broken Polygons with Text to 3D Contours

Symbol Legend Object

  • This project is done — see the DWorks page for more info.
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